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    How to add pictures to "automagically" includes pictures from anyone's flickr account when the pictures are tagged (help) "athens, ohio". So if you want your photos of Athens to show up on, simply set up a free account and upload (family-friendly!) images that you tag "athens, ohio". Be sure to put the phrase "athens, ohio" in quoation marks, otherwise there were be separate tags for "athens" and "ohio" and the pictures will not show up on

    SUGGESTION: give each picture a descriptive "title" on because it's actually the "title" that shows up on A title such as D2X11.jpg is not very useful to someone browsing

    Please note that it can take up to four hours for your photos to wind their way onto If it doesn't show up within four hours then there's a problem with your tags, or perhaps Prof. Stewart didn't get the blog rss address plugged in to the administration page. Just email him and he'll be happy to look into it.